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Rachel's Virtual Styling Session!

Hello my dear!

I am SO excited to do this Virtual Styling Session with you! I tried to pick pieces that made me think of you, that I know would look good on you, and of course that you'd love! Easy to wear as you're always on the go, but still cute, well put together, and just the right amount of classic and trendy. 💜

I have intentionally grouped your pieces together, but everything here can be mixed and matched however you'd like! Having pieces that go together is key for quick outfits in the morning. Please let me know if you'd like more outfit ideas! I'll get even more specific if you'd like!

For bottoms: I picked the classic Mia's for your every-outfit classic skinny jeans. Can be dressed up or down. Deceivingly comfortable and my own first pair of jeans from Purpose years ago, a tried and true classic. ;) *Remember size down one size from your normal denim size with all Kut from the Cloth jeans*

A wonderful alternative to the Mia's are the Blue Island jeans from Flying Monkey, longer inseam and super soft and stretchy!

And now that the sun is slowly coming back out I added the new Jane shorts, they're a looser fit, lighter wash, and cute easy short you can wear with a light sweater when it's still chilly or with a cute tank for Summer!

And of course, a few jumpsuits! These are so easy to wear, can be casual with those cute Braden sneakers and white cropped jacket. Or can be dressed up with the Ibiza heels and nice dressy jacket!

The absolute KEY piece to go with your dresses and jumpsuits is definitely going to be the cropped white jacket from ABLE! It's going to hit you at just the right spot to help emphasize your waist and give you a really great shape. The white denim matches with everything and is a brighter alternative to its blue sister. ABLE is also one of my all time favorite empowerment brands (They are working in impoverished communities to help end charity dependance)!! (I have this jacket in both colors and it's my most worn jacket lol)

There's also some fun accessories, like new sunglasses and jewelry! These were my picks for you; cute, added some color, but also match just about ANYTHING! If these aren't quite your jam we can easily rework this section cause we have so many new options on the website.

Hope you have so much fun shopping this collection just for you! If you'd like, I'm also open to call, text, or Facetime. Let me know if there's anything you're not loving or want to see more of and I'll be right here to help you out!

Thank you so much for your support!! Once this all settles down we should definitely get together again, love you!!




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