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Morrigan's Virtual Styling Session!

Hi Morrigan! 

I am SO excited to get the chance to Virtually Style you and show you how fun it can be! Below is a video that I made to go over some of the items that I have chosen for you as well as fit and styling tips! 

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I love that you went into detail about your lifestyle and interests! That's awesome that you are trying to fuse the two of your passions together that way! Funny enough of all the people to help you I can relate to what you said because video games have always been a large part of my life as well! I used to stream and go to conventions every year (except this one haha!). Anyway I can personally relate to you on that regard! You painted a great picture of your style for me and so I try to take our products and merge our Purpose style to your own personal style at the same time!


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions or need any other help at all.