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Krysta's Virtual Styling Session

Hi Krysta!! 

Girl, how the heck is it going with virtual teaching?! I don't know what age you work with, but I know it's a new challenge for everyone 💛Here are some of the pieces I pulled for you! Since denim was your main focus and challenge, I recapped some of my notes below so you don't have to re-watch the video :) I also recommend watching our Kirkland manager, Ari's Live Styling Video (first one on the page at the top left) because she has some great looks and styling tips for women who wear size XL! I added some of those pieces to your collection, but you can shop the other ones from her collection Here. Please let me know if you have any questions! I did a little video talking you through all of your looks and the fits of the pieces (Sorry, apparently I went for 11 minutes? I think I was happy to be talking to someone 😅🤪) Thanks so much for letting me style you :) 

xo Mandy 

Denim Notes: 

  • Connie will be your most fitted throughout your butt and thighs- I think this and the Donna will be your go-to for your height and shape!
    • The button-fly Connie does run a little more generous, but sometimes people prefer to stick with their size up so that the buttons don't pull around the midsection
  • The Donna will be similar to the Connie in length, but slightly more relaxed through the leg.
    • For the Petite Donna, I would size up to 16. For the black and lighter wash, I would stick with 14! 
    • The black Donna is one of our all-time best sellers! Can't recommend this classic staple enough for a business casual wardrobe. 
  • The Reese is a great relaxed straight leg- size down in these!! They aren't distressed or anything so they'd make a great "dressier" pant. 
  • Oh, Spanx... It's all in the name 😂 These are another great dressy staple, without the hassle of buttons and zippers. I've tried them on and they're miracle workers, for sure!