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Katie W's Virtual Styling Session!

Hi Katie!!!


Here is an updated personal collection for you!!!  We have SO many great options for you post partum! And again, congratulations on the new baby!!! 

These new spanx pants I would HIGHLY recommend for you, especially since you're a teacher when you end up going back, but they are seriously the most flattering amazing pants ever. They are true to size and they may feel tight going up but once you get on they feel like butter. They have a spanx paneling on the front to smooth out that front stomach area which is always super helpful! They are selling fast and if I were you, I'd buy every color! Hahaha, we've had several people do this! 

The plastic love belted denim you definitely can size down, so I would go with your original 8 size for those. Otherwise you can do the 10's for most of the others! If any of them don't work out you are always welcome to return them! 

We have a TON of great blouses that are nice and flowy, you can do a front tuck to make them more flattering but at the same time give you the extra coverage. Also I have a lot of them and they are flowy enough to easily access for breastfeeding or pumping if you are doing either of those! 


Let me know if you have any questions at all! I can't wait to see what you end up choosing!