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Jessica Stearn's Styling Session

Hey Girl... this is the collection I REVAMPED for you! 

I've updated your 15% off code for you, this code will be good until 10p tomorrow, Friday 4/3 :) It's JESSICA15.

On the first page I have created 4 outfits for you from the pieces that you messaged me that you were liking. I have deleted some items that I no longer think go with your style AND all the sale items, since I don't think this is good timing to hope we pick the right size. :) So page two is all the remaining pieces you have seen but didn't mention in your messages to me. I hope I haven't deleted anything that you were still considering, but if I have it's not gone forever I can find it again. 

Line 1's inspiration was the Green Gilli tank. This is an adorable summer outfit!

  • White earrings - I wanted this outfit to really let the Green tank speak for itself. 
  • Naibi denim jacket - This is the most cropped jacket we own. I also own it, and while it is a bit of an investment you will get SO MUCH wear out of it. I swear I wore it 20 times the first week I had it. The great thing about a cropped jacket like this, is that cuts us better when we're shorter. I'm 5'3", but I still look about 5'7" I this jacket even wearing a flat.
  • White jeans - you already own something similar to these! :) 
  • Nude shoe - with White pants and a dressier top I try to keep the shoe light in color as well, this will also help to elongate your leg. (size: 6)

Line 2's inspiration: White jacket, leather legging, black bootie. This will be the perfect Quarantine outfit.

  • Mama bear necklace - this outfit is a casual outfit so a nice small, simple necklace will be the perfect accessory.
  • Camo tee- a fun trendy tee, that is SO SOFT! I like the heathered grey camo because it's a little toned down. So I think it can be worn more often, especially if you haven't gotten into the camo trend yet. Z Supply is also very forgiving, so  a medium will be loose enough that you won't be uncomfortable, but not so long that it drowns you.
  • This White jacket will pair SO well with any tee and these leather leggings.
  • The Leather leggings are soo trendy, and really fun during quarantine.
  • The Black bootie has a hidden heal, so there is 2.5" wedge in there! (size: 5.5)

Line 3's inspiration: black earring, striped blazer and black jeans...this is a very cool monochromatic outfit!

  • Black earring - I'm not sure which black earring you were specifically liking, so I picked these for you. With dark hair, it'll be hard to see dark earrings; they just don't show up as well. I like these black earrings because they have a small gold piece that I believe will help them stand out. I could picture them on you in the picture you sent with the black tank and black skirt.
  • Black Tank - This tank is so cute an easy for dressing up, but I like the strap, it's sexy but not inappropriately so. We can still toe the line and keep it modest, this tank does just that. 
  • Striped Blazer - would pair really for making the black tank business casual. Would also be fun pair over a graphic or basic tee and jeans with the Black booties.
  • Black Donna's - These are SO comfortable. One of our best sellers and black jeans go with EVERYTHING. You could also pair these with the Green Gilli tank! (size: 2 - these relax a good amount while you are wearing, trust me and size down!)
  • Black slides - these are soo easy for making an outfit feel dressed up. You could easily do this whole outfit and switch out the top and feel like you are put together! (size: 6)

Line 4's inspiration: bodysuits and flare leg jeans

  • Amelia denim jacket - this is a cheaper option to the first denim jacket I showed you, however it's also a little longer so it will come down to your hips. I would not pair this with dresses, but it's great for pants.
  • Mauve bodysuit - this is a super easy bodysuit for days when you want that tucked in tank look.
  • Flare jeans - the beautiful thing about these is you can cut the hem to your specific length and have a raw hem. I did this to mine and I get compliments ALL THE TIME! I love a dark flare paired with a light denim jacket! The White jacket from line 2 would also go nicely with these pants. 
  • White & Black body suit could be dressed down by pairing it with the Flare jeans and light denim jacket OR dressed up by pairing it with the Black Donnas and the Taupe jacket.
  • Taupe jacket - soft and easy to throw on with some jewelry and have a dressed up look. This is a great go to piece that will be very wearable. 

I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for any questions!