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Jessica C's Virtual Styling Session!

Hi Jessica!


Here is your amazing Virtual Styling Collection based on the information that you told me! I encourage you to review our return policy as a lot of people that do these online sessions tend to purchase more than they anticipate keeping so that they can try the items on in person. Especially when it comes to our denim, if you are unfamiliar with the sizing on them, a lot of our denim you actually size down in them. I know I know, that sounds crazy, and I never believed the stylists until I started working here myself, but you really do size them in them because they are so stretchy in most cases. 


Those Spanx joggers are AMAZING on everyone. They are truly spanx and have that additional paneling inside the belly area to help suck everything in. Likewise, those basic tank tops I included also have almost a shapewear effect on them, they kinda suck it all in too which is great! All of the denim I put are very stretchy and amazing! I know that our denim seems like a high investment piece but they are worth it, I tell you, once I switched to our denim even before working here, I never went back. You do want to size them to be tight because they tend to stretch with wear. The black donnas are great because they don't have any distressing except for a raw hem, so they can easily be dressed up or down for transitioning from work to nightwear etc. 

I didn't include any shoes since you said that you had some specific shoes that you need to wear, etc. And there are a ton of great tops. Part of choosing the tops is going to be moreso in the styling. If something is looser and oversized, you are going to want to do a front tuck, it helps pull in your waistline and elongate you which helps you look even more slimmed down, which, who doesn't want that? :D I also included some amazing coats, because if you are going to Italy, it may be a mix of weather, but it's the fashion zone, so you may need some amazing coats to go with some of your outfits. Most of the items I picked are great capsule pieces that you can mix in so many different ways, wear them dressed up or down, which is great, and they have so much versatility. 


Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products at all, I am here to help in every way possible and to try to recreate the in person shopping experience online. 


I can't wait to see the pieces that you end up choosing!