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Jenni's Virtual Styling Session

Hey girl! I've picked some of my favorite pieces for you here! I'll add a little info about each piece that needs it, just like usual! lol. 

  • The Ivory & Black Stripe Blazer would be soo easy to throw over many pieces. I think this would be a good fit for you because Mandy, the model in the picture, has bigger arms. 
  • In the Taupe Caliber try the 8.5, we're sold out of the 8 in both colors, this is a shoe you can wear a thicker sock if you need to. 
  • Black Donna you own, I have found some cute tops that will go with them! I really like the Tomato Top because it's super easy and simple, it'll look great with a front tuck and any colored bottoms. This has a similar shape to what we were loving the last time you were in. 
  • All these tops will be SO cute with your light wash Amelia jacket!
  • Powder Blue Cardigan would be cute over a tank like the Black & Ivory polka dot top you like, or you can throw it over a basic little tee. I like this sweater a lot because it can easily make you feel dressed up. 
  • Off White Villa top is a VERY CUTE alternative to the top the Swiss dot top that you had been loving. This top is by Kut, so it won't be too tight in your arms.
  • The Rose Jacket will be a SO cute to pair with the Off White Villa top OR any other top. This color will add a pop of fun to any outfit. It's also very stretchy through the arms, I love these suede jackets. 
  • Black & Ivory top is medium light tightness in the arms, I've see it on others and have not had anyone complain about the arms, even though there is a slight elastic in it. 
  • The Mocha Cardigan is so cute paired with tanks like the White & Navy Floral Top. You can do SO many things with this kimono-style cardigan when the warmer days hit! I definitely bought this. It'll also make a really cute swim suit cover.
  • The White & Navy Floral Top will also be so cute under the Rose Jacket or with your light wash Amelia denim!!
  • Black Top Blouse is about medium tightness in the arms. I own it and it does not irritate me, even though I do have larger arms. I can definitely feel the elastic in the arm, but it's also nice because it keeps the arm from slipping up too far. 

If you are wondering why the order is so funky: jacket, shirt, shoe, pant, tank, etc....I wanted to show you how I would pair them. So the pieces that are close together are interchangeable OR they are a complete outfit. Here your casual looks and dressed up looks are mostly interchangeable. I love how versatile each of these pieces is. -xoxo