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For Lacee!




Here are some dresses that are at the warehouse that aren't in stores or online yet, if you let me know sizes/which ones you want to order we can just invoice you instead! And then here are some other items that I know you've seen because you follow us closely but that I think you should take a second look at! 


The spanx jogger is amazing! You can even dress them up! And then the twill wide legs are flying off the shelf because everyone is LOVING them so much. I have had so many people buy every color because they're just THAT good!


We just did a live today that featured some of the dresses that are linked so you can see them on bodies etc! And also, I think you should 100% get that pink kenly jumpsuit, becuase it's amazing and looks great on every single person! I think almost all of our gals bought it! 


Let me know if I can help in any other way!