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Carly's Virtual Styling Session ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฅ‚

Fit notes:ย 

  • Marisa (the first photo in the romper) will be the closest fit model to your body! Anything that looks good on her will look great on you :)ย 
  • Z Supply, Dex, Blank NYC, ABLE, and Skies are Blue are all available in XS
  • All the shoes I scoped out to make sure we had a size 6- no 5.5, sorry!! But at least these will give you ideas for creating new outfits if you have something similar :)ย 

Otherย jewelry brands to browse:ย 

  • ABLE (fights charity dependence by providing jobs and fair wages in impoverished areas. Completely fair trade and they actually publish their wages to challenge other brands across the fashion industry to be more transparent in their business ethics)
  • Ethic Goods (employ survivors of sex trafficking in Asia and connects them to local organizations where they can receive holistic healing and aftercare)ย 
  • Beljoy (employs men and women in Haiti + the US to provide jobs via jewelry making. They use locally sourced sustainable materials so that the artisans in the area earn a fair wage as well)