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Autumn's Virtual Styling Session

Here are my lovely picks for you! For the Boho feel you want to look for the flowy pieces, but the trick is in not losing all your shape. Below, I'll give you some size recommendations for specific items and walk you through the main idea of each line and section. 

  • Line 1: Cute sweaters that would work well under overalls or to. give you a boho feel! I also paired them with the stripe pant you were loving on your last visit, because they are soo cute not too!!
    • In the Plum Sweater, the S/M is perfectly flowy, this will be the right size for you. It's also SO cute worn with leggings, which let's face it...are life right now.
  • Line 2: Cute tops that would also be cute under over-alls, you can dress them up with the fitting black long sleeve and a heel or you can dress them down with the blush tee and a sneaker.
  • Lines 3 & 4: Are really easy tops. They will be great go-to's to throw on when and instantly feel like you tried hard. Also they are all SO SUPER cute for your Boho theme!
    • These will all pair really well with the Boyfriend jeans that you bought, so I put those in here so you can visualize that.
    • The Black Binx Espadrille is soo cute paired with those boyfriend jeans to dress them up.
    • Depending on the fit and color of your overalls, some of these detailed tops WILL work! :) 

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  • Line 1: More detailed, easy, boho tops that will pair nicely with your boyfriend jean. I also added a pair of the Black Donna so you can see how versatile these pieces will be, even a black legging would be cute too!
  • Line 2 & 3: These tops can go with SO many different looks. Each of these pieces will give you soo much versatility. Whether it's pairing them under overalls, w/ jeans and ball cap for the park, or black jeans and heels for a night out.