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Annie's Virtual Styling Session 💛

Hi Annie! Mandy and I found you some really cute pieces that I'm so excited about!!

If you are wondering why the order is so funky: shoes, top, jeans, etc....I wanted to show you how I would pair them. So the pieces that are close together are interchangeable to make complete outfits. I tried to take some of the guessing work out of it for you. Some of the pieces can easily be dressed up or down by changing the shoe or jacket (black suede for dressy OR dark blue denim for casual).

Denim Notes:

  • You'll probably want to do a size 12 in these: 
    • Black Donna 
    • Button Fly Connie
    • Black Button Fly Reese
  • and a 14 in the regular high rise Connie and the fab ab :) 


  • The Ice Grey jacket and the Black Biker jacket you will want to size down to a Medium. They both run roomy in the should/arms and have plenty of stretch. Wearing this in a Large will result in it being too boxy and oversized.
    • I love how easy these jackets are to throw over a cute basic top to easily and quickly have a "going out" looking.
    • The Black Biker jacket is a great piece to throw over a pattern to tone it down and break it up just enough.
  • I love the flowy tanks for this stage of life, they are so flattering and, if you are, it'll help make breastfeeding a little easier! You can pair them with a little jacket or kimono and look like you tried so hard! :) 
    • I really wanted to make sure that every top is really useful for you, if you are breastfeeding. We do have a lot of button-up and wrap tops, but some don't have actual access points. If you aren't breastfeeding, I think that this would be great!! 
    • For the tanks, you can wear one of the Seamless Cropped Cami's over your bra, to cover your bra strap. They are super stretchy and will not be a nuisance for breastfeeding, but will cover the strap of a nursing bra. You'll find these at the very end. I recommend black and white, I use mine all the time.
  • All of the sweaters on Page 2, they are mostly all on line 1, you will want to do M or S/M for a true size look. If you are going for a VERY oversized, then  you will want to size up to L or M/L.
  • Charcoal Mix Top you could size down to a small, it runs very roomy!