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Allison's Virtual Styling Session

ALLISON! WOW, I are so grateful you were thinking of us! We have some of the cutest products coming in! I can't wait to show you! Here are some of the best picks and why 😁


I know you have as slight weakness for midi skirts! So, I picked out latest additions. You'll see some beautiful colors and playful patterns! I wouldn't have added them if I didn't think your closet could use them  😋 I also added a few pieces I thought could be put on your radar for this next season - like the jean shorts! It'll be time soon to show off your killer legs.


Your style is so fun! I adore the way you embrace the new along with classics! Therefore I have put some blouses in the mix that are statement pieces, things you can throw on and not feel the need to put much effort into styling. I saw earlier in the week that you had purchased the light wash jean jacket!! Such a good choice, so I added in a few lighter weight tops I think will match perfectly with it! 


Boss-Type Accessories :

So, if you're needing a comfy/fashionable shoe I need you to see the Taupe Steven Madden Sneaker Booties. They are exactly what we need in this season! They say,"Hey I'm trendy without trying". 

The effortless style goes along with layering necklaces and statement jewelry. The small chocker-like necklace is a great piece to put underneath any of your other existing necklaces. The most common necklace length is medium, so to support the trend I out a short and long one that will match generally any style. Same idea with a sleek earring!