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Alice's Virtual Styling Session!


Hey girl, here is another newer video of those items that I added to your collection! :D 




Hi Alice!!!

I am SO excited to give you the best virtual styling experience! I was really excited to see your name pop up and instantly had all these amazing ideas for outfits for you that I just KNOW that you need to have! I added a little extra from what we sometimes put on because I had SO Many ideas for you personally, I know that these outfits will look amazing on you. 

I went ahead and created a video showcasing some of the items that I chose for you and going over some of the details of them just in case we either weren't able to connect via Zoom or if you wanted to review after we were all done anyway! 


Don't forget that you have your very own personalized coupon code AliceVSS619 for 15% off your entire order! This coupon is good until the end of June 23rd!


And please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, adjust your collection or help in any other way. If anything doesn't work out you can certainly return or exchange those items as well since since you aren't able to actually try on any of the clothes in person!


Kut from the Kloth denim tend to stretch with wear so you want to go with your lower size if you are inbetween sizes! I wouldn't however recommend to size down for the shorts or the white denim and go with your true to size on those. )

I can't wait to see what you fell in love with!!!