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Kim's Virtual Styling Session


I am so happy to be able to share this feature we are offering with you! I have kept your style in mind when making these picks and here's why:



You had requested a few tops earlier in the week, so I've got those in collection - plus some others I think will fit you great! I've got some bright colors plus some neutrals that I think will compliment items you already have in your closet. 


I've recommended the Donna's and the Amy. They are a bit different than the traditional skinny that we all know and love. Donna is going to fit AMAZING. They are a top seller of ours and are always in stock! However, they are so great because they are stretchy. So, I say go down to a size 2! You'll have to trust me 😉 The Amy is a straight leg-cropped. So there's a hemmed fold around the ankle. They are also super soft. Perfect for the times we are having - staying in being comfortable. The trend is embracing more straight leg bottoms and I think this is an easy transition to staying up to date. Lastly, a white capri- because, you know- SPRING!


I've added an easy to wear sandal that provides a little height along with my all time favorite genuine leather flat.