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Jill's Fall Collection!


Here are the pieces that I think would be great for you!!

I did want to mention that previously you had purchased denim in a size 14, 12 in the Black Donna. If you aren't liking that size anymore, then I definitely support sizing up. However, if those jeans still fit, in the pants that I've added (including the ones that you had already showed me), I recommend going with the 14.

I have added a few Plus size items that I would recommend you going with the 1X, or following the size of Ari (the model). Otherwise, if there isn't a 1X or XL, I added the item knowing that, and I believe that the L will be perfect for you!!!

I tried to add some really casual pieces since that's really all we're wearing right now. lol. I'm also available if you have any questions about sizes, you can email or call (253) 292-0508.

Here's some items that we have in-store but not online: