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Diane's Virtual Styling Session

If you are wondering why the order is so funky: tank, sweater, tank, pant, etc....I wanted to show you how I would pair them. So the pieces that are close together are interchangeable OR they are a complete outfit. And you can see how to play up or dress down the different pieces with items that you already own, like your black pencil skirt or that white flowy jacket you have! 

  • I added a pair of dark high-waisted Mia's as well as a pair of 33" inseam FLARES!!!! Your legs would look sooo good in flare leg jeans!
  • Mocha Cardigan would be a cute swimsuit cover up OR a cute cardigan worn with shorts and a tank in the Summer. I'm super obsessed with it because it's boxiness is not an issue because it is so flowy and lightweight.