Each person has a gift. A talent that, if directed, can be used for a greater cause. Our gift is style.

 Purpose is a clothing and accessories boutique that started with the belief that how you shop can change a life. At Purpose, We donate a portion of each sale to organizations that bring hope to lives around the world. We partner with brands that embody our vision and we style each woman that walks through our doors.  We started Purpose with one idea: to change lives through the power of our purchases. We never knew it would become so much more. 

We opened our doors to fill a need, and before we knew it, we were in the middle of an even greater need. People. Lives. Lives in need of hope, change, a future. Lives of women forced into prostitution through poverty, stripped of dignity, absent of hope. Brokeness overwhelmed our hearts. The kind of deep brokeness that inspires action. Courage. And Collaboration. Every person matters--People matter. And we have the power to do something about it.

Purpose exists not to glorify any individual or even this business, but to empower freedom to women around the world. Freedom that goes beyond a donation….. beyond a broken heart. Freedom that brings lasting change and genuine hope. With a strong sense of calling, Purpose will attempt what no one else has done successfully at a scale large enough to get the attention of the world - offer affordable, on-trend clothing that holistically empowers both producers and consumers to bring freedom to all people around the world.  And we've already started. 

Purpose has partnered with Open Arms, a manufacturer in Austin, TX to produce our first holistic clothing line made by refugee women resettled in the US. By purchasing a Purpose dress, you’re helping to empower a woman with living wages to support her family and work with hope and dignity toward a better future.” You become a part of empowering action in the fight against indifference.

And these dresses happen to be adorable and affordable, and they look great on every body type.

Purpose can’t do this alone… our whole business model is built on connecting the dots between organizations that are already doing incredible work and empowering the unlikely. We believe in empowerment for all people. Both those who shop in our store, and those who create our beautiful products.  Because in the end, we're all connected. We're all a life. We're all equal. We believe every person deserves to have dignified work. And every woman deserves to enjoy beauty in its' truest form. Holistic beauty that brings hope. Hope for a better life, for a future, for a Purpose. 


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