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Barb's Virtual Styling Session!

Hi Barb!

I am so excited to have gotten the chance to Virtually Style you! I know that shopping online isn't quite the same experience as shopping in store, but I do my best to recreate the styling experience as much as possible! 

A lot of guests that shop online tend to purchase more than they anticipate keeping so that they can try the items on in person. Especially when it comes to denim! Our denim fits a lot different than others that most women are used to, so I definitely recommend trying a few different kinds and sizes to make sure that you have the right one for you. Make sure to review our return policy, but in most cases we are happy to return them as long as they fall within the guidelines. If you haven't tried our denim before most of them are very stretchy and you can size down if you are inbetween sizes. You want them all to fit very tight at first because they will tend to stretch out with wear. 


The Black Donna High Rise are our MOST popular pant, they are super soft and stretchy and people love that they are super versatile. They can be dressed down or dressed up, a lot of people love them for work pants and then can easily go out on the town with them right after. They definitely are super stretchy, so this one in particular you want to make sure to potentially size down. If you are able to, you may try to order both sizes just to see which fits better and return the other one. 

The Ecru Rachaels are also a great pant to add to your wardrobe, this is your perfect Spring and Summer pant to add, ,without being a pure white, Ecru is a color that is easy to pair with everything and a little more subtle than the pure white denim. 

The other denims are all great candidates, the Rachael is going to be a skinny straight leg, whereas the Donna is a skinny. These are some of our most popular cuts of denim, I personally own them a thousand times over and love every single pair. You can't go wrong with them, so really it's just choosing the washes that you want etc. 

 There are some great options for tops here, some of those linen button ups can be worn layered over tshirts or tanks, or buttoned up and then front tucked, or half tucked for a more stylish look. I tried to choose a lot of tops that you could easily mix and match with different jackets, dress up or down, and that had a lot of versatility. The Lime Lydia shirt is an in store only purchase but its the same as the blue one, but it is a lighter lime color. 

I did add some great jacket options too, some perfect Spring pieces if you were interested. That Kara White Denim Jacket is one of my personal favorites. These cuts fit a little tighter but still feel stretchy and are the perfect third piece to pull every outfit together. 


And lastly, please reach out to me if you have any questions at all. I am happy to help in any way!